The Passport of Friendship



- A multilingual album for hospitalized children around the world ;

- An idea friendship without borders ;

- A collection of artistic productions made by and for children ;

- A concert given by the Trio ILTA along with choirs of 119 children  from the Metz Music Conservatory !

All around the world !

The Passport of Friendship has been sent to lots of different countries.


Find out who joined the project right here !

Watch the concert !

Here is our show which took place in France on January, the 14th 2018.


You can check the lyrics if you want to sing along with the Trio Ilta !

Share your art !

Be a member of this merry friendship by sharing a message, a drawing or a picture over there.

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This project has been created by La Pédiatrie Enchantée, a non-profit organization which supports artistic and cultural activities for children during their stay in hospital in Lorraine, in France.




If you want more information, it's here !